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The project "Geo Photo Bank" is an illustrated application to the course of geography.
The materials are intended for publishers of geographic literature, students, teachers, field practitioners and tourists.

In the latest version 7 (07.01.2024)
    Regional Information Databases:

Altai. Multicolored august - In Russian


Mongolia. Open surface - In Russian

    Optimal presentation, image size and format:  
Over 1 million files, 3 terabytes of original data  
Selection < 55,000 photos, 145 albums, 10,000 postcards, 100 pdf - rebounds  
Only html, jpg, zip, pdf, gif, gif89a, png, svg, raw, txt - files  
The main pages of the site are translated into English  
More optimal structure and numbering of ImageBox postcards  
    Version of the design of maps of mountainous areas:  
Visualization of a high-rise elevation model (DEMs) New  
Altai - "golden mountains", v2021 - 25 images  
Atlas of simple landforms of Mongolia New  
    Illustrations - assault and trekking photo albums:  
Climbing 8481m, Makalu (Himalayas, Nepal-China)
Climbing 8163m, Manaslu (Himalayas, Nepal-China)  
Climbing 8191m, Annapurna I, Himalayas, Nepal)  
Climbing 6995m, Khan Tengri (Tien Shan, Kyrgyzstan)  
Climbing and trekking 6476m, Mera (Himalayas, Nepal) New  
Climbing and trekking 4044m, Aktru (Russian Altai)  
Climbing and trekking 3936m, Iiktu (Russian Altai)  
Climbing and trekking 2810m, Roraima (Guiana Highlands)  
    Illustrations - assault and trekking photo albums:  
Midlands Trekking - Elbrus (North Caucasus)  
Midlands Trekking - Sierra Nevada (California)  
Treking of Machhapuchhre (Himalayas, Nepal)
Trekking of Altai Tavan Bogd (Mongolian Altai)  
Buddhist "kora" massif Kailash (Western Tibet)  
Trekking to volcanoes and geysers of Kamchatka (Far East, Kamchatka Peninsula)  
Trekking through about. Iturup Island (Far East, B. Kuril ridge)  
Trekking of Tsambagarav (Mongolian Altai)  
Trekking - Faroe Islands (Eurasian Arctic)  
    Illustrations - trekking and thematic photo albums:  
Footage of the expedition on about. Copper (Far East, Commander Islands)  
Fumaroles and geysers about. Iceland (Eurasian Arctic)  
Franz Josef Land Archipelago (Eurasian Arctic)  
Footage wintering on about. Wrangel (Eurasian Arctic)  
Southeast about. Greenland (American Arctic)  
    Illustrations - trekking and thematic photo albums:  
Miniature Canyons of the Highlands of Mangistau (Western Kazakhstan)  
Marine Mammals - Pinnipeds (Far East, Commander Islands)  
Belorechenskoye field (Adygea, North Caucasus)  
Chagan-Uzun outcrop of “ribbon clays” (Russian Altai)  
Remains of Gorkhi-Terelj (Khentei, Central Mongolia)  
Wallpa Gorge & Uluru, Rock Domes, Kuninga Men, Kings Canyon.(Red Center, Australia)  
Volcanic landscapes about. Tenerife (Canary Islands)  
Volcanic landscapes about. Iceland (Eurasian Arctic)  
Arid Landscapes Altiplano (Central Andes)  
    Illustrations - thematic collections and sets of postcards:  
Volcanic slopes of Elbrus (basalt columns)  
Icing of the Russian and Mongolian Altai  
Red Sandstones Shabaran-Usu (Bayanzag), Gobi-Shamo  
High Altitude Plants, Cordillera  

Tuff Tower of Mono Lake, California

"The mudflow season". Special photo report 2012 (Russian Altai) - In Russian  
Khovd University Expedition 2013 (Mongolian Altai) - In Russian  
Plants, Researchers - Over 2,000 postcards on ImageBox New  
New collections of illustrations on PhotoPage New  
    A new version of the design of archival materials:  
Central Asiatic Expeditions (AMNH) (1922-1931), Special  
Materials of the Pamir expedition of Moscow State University (1977), Special  
Drawn maps: Series of hand drawn landforms maps (Shaded Relief Archive), Special  
Drawn maps: Afghanistan. Snow, snow and avalanches (1984) - In Russian  
Expeditions of the Club of Extreme Sports AIST, Kemerovo (Russian Altai) - In Russian  
Subject materials - Color, Monochrome, Tricolor or Grayscale  
Printed photos  
Print-quality photos (RAW for self-processing)  

    Standards of ethical behavior in the mountains:

Tyrol Declaration, 2002 - In Russian  
UIAA, Mountain Ethics Declaration, 2009  
    Brief articles, comments, reference data, etc.:  
Field reports, articles, applications, comments and keys - In Russian  
Training courses, lectures, assignments and questions, references - In Russian







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